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How CanYa Works

Hire the best local services

CanYa is a platform that allows you to find, book, pay and review the best local home services.

Choose who you want - the best, the cheapest or the person with the skills you need.

Free to download, free to get quotes - only pay when the job is done and you are happy!



Find local providers and arrange them via quality, price or availability.



Select your provider and request a quote when you are both free.



Once your job is complete, pay your provider using cash or credit card.



Rate your provider and their quality of work, price and timeliness.

CanYa Features

CanYa is full of technology to save you time and money.

View Profiles

CanYa shows you the best local providers and their prices, availability and services.
CanYa displays response and completion rates, profile views, ratings and qualifications so you know you’re getting the best.

Get Free Quotes

Get a quote off the provider you choose, or broadcast your request to all local providers. Quotes are forever free, so you know you’re getting an accurate estimate off your provider.

Book Providers

Book your provider and use CanYa’s scheduling system to keep you notified about the job progress.

Built in Chat & Calls

Use CanYa’s free and powerful messaging to send your provider photos and job information, or call them using CanYa’s High Definition in-built calling feature.

Secure Payments

Receive a digital invoice, and securely pay in CanYa when you are happy with the job. CanYa will even email you a copy of the job invoice.


Got feedback? Review your provider on their Quality, Communication, Timeliness and Feedback to improve their service.

What is CanYa?

We’ve made a video just for you, to explain CanYa.

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Why is CanYa the best?

CanYa does everything

CanYa offers the best experience by allowing providers to simply focus on doing a good job.
CanYa does everything else.

Need a good plumber? They're on CanYa..
Need a quality babysitter who can clean at the same time? Find them on CanYa.
Moving house and need a removalist with great handyman skills? Hire them on CanYa.

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CanYa is completely free to use, such as getting quotes, messaging or calling providers. CanYa only charges a small 5% fee to providers once a job is complete. For more information, see Fees and Charges.
CanYa uses SMS verification for security reasons - you won’t ever need to remember a password this way.
CanYa uses your location to show you providers around you. It is really important you turn on notifications so your provider or client can get in contact with you.
CanYa allows providers to add a lot of information about themselves - you should check their profile first before you book them. CanYa verifies photo IDs submitted on the platform so you can be re-assured your provider is genuine if they have an “ID Verified” badge.
CanYa checks your credit card before you make a booking so that your provider knows you can pay for a job when it is booked. You do not need to pay until you are happy with the job and it is complete.
CanYa ranks providers in order of quality - you should book the best providers around you for the best experience. You may also want to choose a provider for other reasons - they have the skills, price or availability that you need. Once you have selected a provider, simply tap “get quote” to get a quote from them. They will send you a quote for you to review and accept.
CanYa will pay money earned by you into your CanYa account, which appears straight away. You can easily add your bank account to withdraw payments direct to your chosen account. When you add a bank account CanYa will send you a small test payment to check your bank account is correct - follow the steps in the app when you see this small test payment to verify.
CanYa ranks providers automatically using many different quality metrics. The highest ranked providers appear at the top and get the most bookings. To increase your rankings, do the following:
  1. Add a great profile - you will earn the most points if you add a lot of good information about your service or skill.
  2. Share your profile with your friends and clients - you will earn points every time you are shared and viewed.
  3. Be responsive to quote requests and avoid cancelling jobs.
  4. Get booked and paid in the app - every time you get paid, you get a review and earn points. Higher reviews means more points.
CanYa is as good as its best providers - so we frequently showcase and promote our best providers. If you think you offer a great service and have a great profile - contact us. We will feature you in our marketing and increase your exposure.

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